Sex Crimes Defense Lawyer in Odessa, Texas

Sex Crimes

An accusation of a sex crime will immediately alter your life. Whether or not you are ultimately exonerated can feel immaterial in the beginning due to the stigma these accusations carry. However, with the right strategy and an experienced defense attorney you may be able to avoid a conviction and clear your name.

Sexual Assault

Under Texas law, a person commits sexual assault by intentionally or knowingly creating sexual contact with another person without their consent. Typical circumstances that lead a charge of sexual assault include sexual contact with a person under the age of 17 or sexual contact with a person unable to provide consent. This can include sexual contact with a drugged or unconscious person. Sexual assault is typically charged as a second-degree felony.

Aggravated Sexual Assault

A sexual assault charge can be elevated to aggravated sexual assault in some cases. The penalties associated with aggravated sexual assault are much heavier than those for sexual assault. A charge will be elevated to aggravated sexual assault if:

• The victim suffered serious bodily
• The defendant caused serious bodily injury to or kidnapped the victim causing fear of death
• The defendant used or exhibited a deadly weapon
• The defendant carried out the crime with another person
• The victim was subdued with a “date rape drug”
• The victim is younger than 14 years old
• The victim is an elderly or disabled person

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